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Comparing the Most Expensive Cities to Live in

When you start looking for a place to live, you’re going to want to make sure that you are getting the most for your efforts. If you’re looking at homes for rent by private owner bandon or, you are going to find that there are a lot of things that you are looking at. But, thankfully, price isn’t too big of a deal with this area. Where is it expensive to live? Here’s a quick look.

1.    New York City. OP the whole, the average cost of living there is ridiculous. Did you know a two-bedroom rental averages out at $4,300? And, the cost of living is so crazy there that in 2009 it was the 8th most expensive city to reside in the world.

2.    Los Angeles. On the opposite cost, L.A. is one of the closest things West Coasters have to NYC in terms of sights and price. L.A. apartments aren’t horribly expensive (only 10-15% above average), but the draw of tourism makes the price of many other things go through the roof. Another issue? Low usage of public transportation; cars, gas, and car insurance make this place horribly expensive to reside in.

3.    Honolulu. Island paradise sounds appealing (their rental prices are just under the national average) until you realize almost everything comes in via airplane, driving prices of some goods through the roof.

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4.    Washington, DC. Like L.A., there’s the double-edged sword of tourism: It makes things more expensive, but it also helps the economy to be a little healthier than less touristy areas.

5.    Boston. Like most of New England, Boston’s really pricey to live in (an apartment not costing much less than one in L.A.), but as a consolation, Boston has been in the top 10 best paid cities for the past 3 years, the weekly pay averaging at over $1,500.