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4 Reasons to Move to Owen County

Owen County, Indiana is a small town that has all the qualities you want in a peaceful, quaint life. Relocating to the area is ideal for families, couples, retirees, and others. With so many places in this world in which you can move, why is Owen County a particular favorite? Read below to learn four of the many reasons to make the move.

real estate Owen county IN

1- It is easy to find the home of your dreams in Owen County. There is real estate Owen county IN for every need, whether you want to enjoy life on the farm, city living, or want lots of neighbors. The pricing of real estate in Owen County is an added bonus. You will not go broke to find your place.

2- Crime is a concern for people in many areas of the county, particularly big cities. When you live life in the small town, those worries are behind. There is little to no crime in Owen County. You certainly enjoy a laid back, quite lifestyle when you’re a resident of this awesome town.

3- If you crave a life of friendly neighbors, this is the place to call home! This is a town where neighbors know your name and always offer a friendly hello in passing. It is great to be in an area where overcrowding doesn’t send your anxiety into overdrive!

4- Owen County is conveniently located. Although the town is small, there is lots to do, whether you’re a lover of antiques, enjoy dining out, art, or something else. And, when you want to experience something new, a short drive is all it takes to arrive in big cities that offer so much more. Indianapolis is less than 50 miles, while Louisville, KY is less than 100 miles away.